Neck Pain From Whiplash Injury – Westminster, CO

The Spinal Joints Of The Neck Are The Most Common Injured Structures

The neck joints, also called “facets” are frequently injured in a car accident. They are highly innervated and any damage and inflammation causes pain. In the picture below, several red shaded areas show where the pain is felt from the corresponding facet joints. They are also called “zygapophysial” joints, but “facets” is easier to pronounce! Neck Joints are damaged in a rear-end collision because of a quick deformity of the cervical spine (neck) that results in an “S-shape” curvature.

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Whiplash Neck Pain From The Cervical Joints

Chiropractic Care In Westminster CO

The are many Chiropractors in Westminster, CO but Dr. Peter Ray fully understands this neck injury caused by automobile accidents and knows how to treat it. The trauma to the neck that causes whiplash happens in a blink of an eye and can cause a lifetime of chronic pain. Don’t delay in getting treatment. If you have insurance questions, we will help you! In most situations, insurance pays with no out-of-pocket expense.

Here Is A Closer Look At The Facet Joint

The nerves transmit the pain signals from the injured facet joints which in turn, refer pain in diferrent zones across the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. Typically when a patient complains of sharp stabbing pain in the lower neck with movement (C5-C6), they will also mention having pain in the shoulder area and/or upper back.

Neck Pain Resulting From Injured Joints Of The Neck From A Car Accident