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“In January of this year I was rear-ended …. I did suffer from whiplash, neck and back pain. Dr. Ray was able to get me in for treatment the next day…. His staff is very kind and professional. You can tell they are all there to help patients heal. Dr. Ray takes time to get to know his patients and has genuine concern for their wellbeing. He explains the entire treatment process and answers questions so that everyone can understand what is going. This is a wonderful clinic dedicated to giving accident victims the treatment needed to get back to a normal life.”  – Andrea Davis  rating5star

“I started seeing Dr. Ray… I was rear-ended in a traffic accident. Not only did he make it a priority to see me as soon as possible, but his care was exceptional. In addition to offering a variety of treatments for my whiplash, his chiropractic expertise was quickly recognized. He’s the type of Healer that clearly wants to reduce a person’s discomfort and ultimately try to restore their health and mobility through a variety of techniques. His recommended stretches combined with regular massage and chiropractic adjustments helped me to be quickly on the mend. I’ve referred Dr. Ray numerous times–he’s the best in the biz in my opinion!” -Danica Smith  rating5star

“My experience under Dr. Ray’s care was first rate. He was not only skilled to help my whiplash pain diminish, but he also took the time to communicate clearly and effectively with me. He explained what he was doing and what I needed to do to continue the healing process in between treatment sessions. I also appreciated the variety of techniques and therapies available within his office. With his straightforward and knowledgeable approach, I felt very informed, comfortable, and was able to heal much quicker than I had in the past with a similar injury.” – Carrie Evans   rating5star

“I was referred to Dr. Peter Ray after being rear ended in a high speed high impact 4 car collision. He provided my initial treatment and evaluation. I was given the highest quality treatment and care throughout my recovery…. Dr. Ray’s experience with automobile accident injuries provided me with a detailed recovery plan and his available resources gave me a wide variety of valuable treatment options… the treatment I received from Dr. Ray was outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Ray and his office to anyone that has ever been in an automobile accident, suffering from neck and back pain…” -Jesse Lopez  rating5star

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