Chiropractic for Post-Surgery Spinal Pain

Chiropractic for Post-Surgery Spinal Pain - Chiropractic NewsIt’s estimated that between 15-61% of patients continue to suffer from back pain after spinal surgery, and nearly two-thirds of all chronic pain patients suffer from failed back surgery syndrome. While many of these patients are encouraged to have revision surgery, a growing body of research suggests that chiropractic care can improve symptoms without the risks and costs of another operation. A Continue Reading →


Keeping Pain Diary Makes Whiplash Worse

Whiplash Diary Many patients are told to keep a pain diary to monitor their symptoms, but a new study suggests that may do more harm than good. The findings show that keeping a pain journal may actually hinder patients’ recovery from whiplash-associated disorder.

The study from the University of Alberta included 60 patients with acute whiplash injuries. The patients were randomly assigned to either a symptom diary group or a control group. ...

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