Jamie Moore Part 2

Sustaining injuries to his shoulders, surgery was recommended. Dr. Ray treated him with Dry-needing and Jamie avoided surgery and still enjoys his activities. Jamie plays hockey, climbs 14ers and is very active. While surgery is sometimes necessary, too many are done prior to trying chiropractic.

Sherri Hosseini and Kamjoo Azamian

Kamjoo tried 4 other Chiropractors and has not seen real results until he saw Dr. Peter Ray. Sherri was at first reluctant, but saw his results first hand and started treatment. Both have experienced tremendous relief and have recommended others before surgery.

Eric Hoopes

Computer work and many physical activities, Eric developed shoulder and neck problems. Dissatisfied with the medical options,such as MRI’s, medication, injections, surgery, etc… he started treatment with Dr. Peter Ray and his therapist. He recovered quickly and continues to see him to prevent issues.

Candace Tomlinson

Her MD recommended Dr. Peter Ray when she complained of neck pain. Her daughter is in gymnastics and has been able to perform better, pain free with chiropractic care. With TMJ pain, Candice has experienced great results with acupuncture care also. This testimonial is evidence that both the medical and chiropractic fields can work together and get patients well, and stay well!

Maria Donahue

Maria was in a car accident and suffered neck and back injuries. Her Medical Doctor prescribed her pain killers and anti-inflammatories. She refused to take them as this didn’t make any sense to her. Her friend recommended her to Dr. Ray and started to get relief right away with a few treatments. She progressively got better and started to recuperate from her injuries.

Amanda Spodnick and Thomas Reed

Tom is a sport enthusiast and developed severe pain. He did not see results with physical therapy or medical help. After receiving treatment with Dr. Ray, we was back into his activities, pain-free. Amanda suffered from horrible headaches daily. Medicine didn’t help. Her life and well-being was changed after seeking with treatment with Dr. P. Ray.

Kristen Wastart

Busy at work and studying, she has developed headaches. Her previous chiropractor retired and referred all his patients to Dr. Peter Ray. She started treatment and found tremendous relief. Satisfied with her results and her care, she referred her husband after a motorcycle accident and he is recovering as well.


Very active in sports and running, Lynda came to see Dr. Peter Ray for lower back and hip issues. Dissatisfied with her HMO, she returned to see him for care and was very pleased with his common sense approach and explanations. She recovered well and is enjoying her activities.

Greg Piel

Greg had had neck and back pain over the years. Chiropractic, stretching and massage has helped. After a shoulder injury, he avoided surgery with care with Dr. Peter Ray. His daughter recently developed headaches and his first reaction was to take her too see him. Both are doing well.

Melissa Sexton

Having unbearable low back pain and hip pain during pregnancy, Melissa was referred by her PCP for chiropractic care. She is a Midwife herself and understands spinal problems related to pregnancy. She found great relief and seeks monthly preventative care with Dr, Peter Ray. She works at Denver Midwifery.

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