Video Testimonials of Medical Providers and Patients

Dr. Mike Iannaotti, MD is sport physician doctor an avid hockey player. He treats patients that have been in car accidents and sport related injuries. With his deep understanding of spinal injuries, he refers for chiropractic care. When he injured his neck a few years ago, he lost muscle strength in his arm. Dr. Ray’s care resolved his problems.
Dr. Melissa Coomes, MD works at New West Physicians in Broomfield CO. She did an fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil, MD on alternative care. She explains how Dr. Ray helps her patients and both professions coming together, we achieve a much better outcomes for our patients. Integrative medicine is the way of the future!
Dr. Dan Austin, MD is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and works at Boulder Medical Center in Louisville, CO. His pregnant patients often suffer from back pain and sciatica, symptoms that are greatly relieved with chiropractic and massage. What a great way to stay healthy and pain free during your pregnancy!


Dr. Woodrum explains why she refers to Dr. Peter Ray more than any other Chiropractor. She knows that Dr. Ray is very skilled at treating headaches and he will recommend an honest and sensible treatment plan to get patients better. And, right, that doesn’t means a 1000 visits!
Drs. Spears and Moeller work at Avista Womens Care in Louisvile, CO. They explain the benefits of chiropractic care and massage therapy for relieving pain and discomfort for their pregnant patients. They also recognize that headaches and rib pain can be treated with gentle chiropractic adjustments.
Medical Doctors that refer to Dr. Peter Ray and also see him for care. They explain their professional relationship with a holistic Doctor. These MD’s realize the benefit of a multi-disciplinary approach to care as it adds value to quality of life to our mutual patients. This relationship is complementary as the patient benefits on both fronts.