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How we work

At Partners in Health, we first listen to your concerns, find the root cause of your pain, then propose a sensible treatment plan to address your needs.

Chiropractic care is just one form of therapy offered at our wellness clinic. What distinguishes us, is the effective combination of multiple therapies to accelerate recovery. We often receive referrals from doctors and other specialists for this very reason. With massage therapy, acupuncture, or trigger point dry needling, your problems are treated quickly and effectively.

Scientific research has shown that chiropractic care works to eliminate back pain and is an effective treatment for many other conditions as well. Most doctors refer patients for chiropractic treatment as effective long-term pain relief, meaning fewer prescription drugs and terrible side-effects.

Physical therapy

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Please contact us as soon as possible so that you can start your care without delay. Your health comes first. After your first visit, you will be convinced you made the right decision. We will answer all your questions and take your worries away as we have experience in these matters for over 30 years. There is no cost for this even if you’re at fault.

You have time to hire an attorney. They don’t know your specific problems and cannot give out recommendations for care, but we do!

We will help you navigate throughout this entire process. The care you need, specialist referrals, diagnostic imaging, filing insurance claims, and guide you to the best attorneys in town should you need one.

Imagine you are getting care for your injuries and having everything else coordinated by our office. It’s a one stop shop for care in one clinic with five treatment options AND we take care of everything else to see you fully recover. That’s what we will commit to take care of for you!

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    What Medical Doctors say about us

    Dr. Dan Austin, MD is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and works at Boulder Medical Center in Louisville, CO. His pregnant patients often suffer from back pain and sciatica, symptoms that are greatly relieved with chiropractic and massage. What a great way to stay healthy and pain free during your pregnancy!

    Dr. Dan Austin , MD

    Dr. Melissa Coomes, MD works at New West Physicians in Broomfield CO. She did an fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil, MD on alternative care. She explains how Dr. Ray helps her patients and both professions coming together, we achieve a much better outcomes for our patients. Integrative medicine is the way of the future!

    Dr. Melissa Coomes , MD

    Dr. Mike Iannaotti, MD is sport physician doctor an avid hockey player. He treats patients that have been in car accidents and sport related injuries. With his deep understanding of spinal injuries, he refers for chiropractic care. When he injured his neck a few years ago, he lost muscle strength in his arm. Dr. Ray’s care resolved his problems.

    Dr. Mike Iannaotti , MD
    Dr. Dan Austin, MD
    Dr. Melissa Coomes, MD
    Dr. Mike Iannaotti, MD