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Experience care that will provide you with long lasting relief so that you can enjoy your activities again.

Not only is Chiropractic safe and effective, it removes the nervous interference that spinal misalignments cause. Having a pinched nerve is not only painful at times, but certainly causes the flow of impulses from your brain to your body to malfunction. Your brain controls all your body functions – you don’t want a “short circuit” along the way.

Other therapies we offer will also help your body to function properly and recover form injuries. Many of our Westminster CO patients are involved in car accidents, slip and falls, sport injuries and everyday postural strain from sitting at a desk. Whether it’s massagedry-needlingacupuncture or physical therapy, our therapists will let you know how we can help you.

Physiotherapist Helping Patient with Back Problems

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It is by being informed, that you can make the right decision…

Chiropractor Dr. Peter Ray, has always been passionate about helping others and has been in practice since 1991. He currently works in Westminster Colorado. Recognizing that there is no magic cure for most ailments, he has partnered with many other healthcare providers to better address the patient’s healthcare needs. Chiropractic care is now mainstream and validated by science. Those who still put down the profession are just misinformed and are afraid of Chiropractic taking their business away. As you have seen from the video testimonials, many Medical Dotors refer patients to my office for care and they are my patients as well. I am proud of working with these MD’s as they understand that traditional medicine is not the only answer to treatment.

As we are conditioned by the media to think there is a pill for every condition, one must realize that health comes from within. Your body is amazingly complex and sophisticated: it has the innate intelligence to self regulate and heal when it’s given the chance.

We all have some physical, emotional and mental “interferences” that block our path to health. Removing these will unlock your true potential and open the path to health. Neglecting signs and symptoms only lead you to more trouble down the road and numbing your symptoms with pharmaceuticals doesn’t address your problems. We need to treat the person as a whole and not just as a presentation of symptoms.

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