Acupuncture: Origin and Philosophy

Acupuncture is a therapy developed more than 2000 years ago in Asia that consists of stimulating designated points on the skin by the insertion of needles in order to restore and balance the body’s energy or “Qi” (pronounced “chee”). It is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also includes the application of heat (moxibustion), massage (finger pressure, as in shiatsu massage), dietary and exercise prescriptions (tai chi and qi gong), and herbal medicine.

In the past 40 years acupuncture has become a well-known and reasonably available treatment in both developed and developing countries. Schools and training programs of acupuncture now exist in the United States that incorporate varying aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Peter Ray is Certified in two forms of Acupuncture and pain management techniques:

  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture
  • Trigger Point Dry-Needling Technique
Performing acupuncture on a patient's back

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