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Video On The Effects Of Whiplash And How Injuries Occur

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“93% of Whiplash Patients Improve With Chiropractic”
Woodward MN, Cook JCH, Gargan MF, Bannister GC. Chiropractic treatment of chronic ‘whiplash’ injuries.
Injury: International Journal of the Care of the Injured 1996;27(9):643-645.

60% of all injured victims in a car accident had spinal joint trauma
the most common joints affected were C5-C6 and C2-C3
these facet joints cause neck pain, shoulder pain
as well as mid back pain and headaches
Lord SM, Barnsley L, Wallis BJ, Bogduk N. Chronic cervical zygapophysial joint pain after whiplash:
a placebo-controlled prevalence study. Spine 1996;21(15):1737-1745.